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Customer Records

  • Customer address
  • Customer contacts
  • Job rates and tables
  • Job pricing

Job Creation

  • Collection info
  • Delivery info
  • Location access
  • Delivery instructions

Job Creation Schedule

  • Manual
  • Repeat/scheduled
  • Customer system auto creation

A Mandata TMS makes the process easy for you

We know it can be chaos at times – with multiple sites and customers, complex rates and resources. We streamline the process of entering, pricing and resourcing your jobs.

  • A system that remembers everything about your customers so you don’t have to.
  • Simple ways to keep resource availability updated.
  • Quick and automated ways to create and repeat jobs, without having to do the same tasks again and again.
  • Integrates with a web portal allowing your customers to place orders, see job progress and download documents relevant to each delivery.
  • Integrates with shipper systems to streamline order processes.

Mandata TMS Job Entry

Mandata TMS Go! Customer Portal

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