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Customer Database

  • Customer address
  • Customer contacts
  • Job rates and tables
  • Job pricing

Job Creation

  • Collection info
  • Delivery Types (Next Day Delivery AM/PM, Standard, Time Specific)
  • Delivery Day (+1, +2, +3 etc)
  • Delivery Time (AM/PM, Time Specific)
  • Location access
  • Delivery instructions
  • Colour- coded (Job Status updates)
  • Goods Codes/Descriptions
  • Visible in Customer Portal (Yes/No)

Job Creation Methods

  • Manual
  • Repeat/scheduled
  • Customer Portal Auto Creation (Edit, Copy, Cancel) Haulier (Accept/Reject)
  • EDI
  • API

A Mandata TMS makes the process easy for you

We know it can be chaos at times – with multiple sites and customers, complex rates and resources.  A TMS helps you manage all your customer details and resources in one place.  The system streamlines the process of entering, pricing and resourcing your jobs.

  • A system that remembers everything about your customers so you don’t have to.
  • Simple ways to keep driver and vehicle resource availability updated.
  • Quick and automated ways to create and repeat jobs, without having to do the same tasks again and again.
  • Integrates with a web portal allowing your customers to place orders, see job progress and download documents relevant to each delivery.
  • Integrates with shipper systems to streamline order processing.

Mandata transport management system simplifies delivery order processing for hauliers

Mandata TMS Job Entry

New Customer Portal for Shippers. Automating Order processing for Hauliers

Mandata TMS Go! Customer Portal

Like to simplify your Orders and Job Entry Process?

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Other challenges we solve 

Mandata gives you one integrated suite of software solutions to run your full business process - from end to end... order to invoice.

  • Planning

    • Better planning
    • Better communication
    • Better decision-making


  • Operate & Monitor

    • More visibility
    • More control
    • More security


  • POD & Invoicing

    • Quicker reconciliation
    • Quicker payments
    • Quicker reporting


  • Customer Service

    • Volume bookings
    • Paperless solutions
    • Live updates


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