Some of our Bulk Haulage Customers

  • Plan full loads in minutes

    Avoid manual input and rework. Save time by repeating standard jobs easily.

  • Reduce paperwork

    Keep drivers informed.  Monitor progress and get real-time electronic proof of delivery including weight tickets.

  • Gain real-time visibility

    Capture delivered weights. Receive live progress updates.

Software to simplify your every move

Tired of manually planning the same jobs you do everyday? It’s easy to repeat standard jobs in Mandata, simplifying and speeding up your planning process.

Many UK hauliers operating within the bulk haulage sector use Mandata to simplify their operations. Whether transporting bulk liquid, aggregates, indeed all manner of materials from wood chip to steel, our bulk haulage customers manage their transport operations more efficiently with less paperwork and duplication, and real-time visibility.

Mandata software for bulk haulage operators

Less paperwork and more certainty with software designed for the Bulk haulage sector

Our transport customers use Mandata transport management software TMS or Go to manage orders, planning, job execution and invoicing. There’s also a range of integrated software to improve communications between your office and drivers, and ensuring you have full visibility of fleet progress.

You’ll receive instant updates as collections and deliveries are made.

  • Repeat standard jobs and milk runs easily – save time and avoid having to spend time planning the same jobs you do every day, week out.
  • Capture delivered weights electronically – tired of trying to keep track of paper tickets?  There’s an integrated driver Manifest app, that enables you to push daily jobs out to drivers and receive information electronically, without delay. The information appears in your system ready to invoice jobs as quick as you like.
  • Control orders with draw down functionality  – how do you manage the delivery of different loads on different dates when quantities/weights and delivery dates are not known in advance? Mandata provides a counter of how many loads you have shipped by quantity and weight you’ve done to date and how much volume and weight is remaining.  You can ‘draw down’ until the job is complete.
  • Invoices emailed – see which jobs are complete and Mandata creates and emails invoices to your customers along with electronic proof of delivery speeding up your invoicing process.



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Manage your Bulk Haulage operation with Mandata

At Mandata, we’ve been working with road haulage companies for over 40 years to deliver transport management systems and solutions that add ‘real’ value. Our transport management software solutions and services support your bulk haulage business, simplifying your processes.

  • Orders & Job Entry

    Streamline how you create, receive and price jobs.

  • Planning

    Minimise costs and make the most of your resources as you plan.

  • Job Execution

    Get real-time visibility of your operation. Ensure work is going to plan.

  • POD & Invoicing

    Transform manual proof of delivery and invoicing processes with electronic PODs & email invoicing.

  • Customer Service

    Make it easy for shippers to work with you using integrated web ordering, ePOD and live ETAs

Whether you’ve 3, 30 or 300 vehicles we’ve got a solution for you.

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