30 Jul 2014 / Time savings are a boon at Waters Waste

Waters Waste

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Realising profitable growth and expansion is every business owner’s dream. But achieving this isn’t always easy. If systems are ineffective, increased order volumes can be a mixed blessing and put pressure on the resources of any business. Particularly in the waste management sector where margins are tight and services operate around the clock.

Meeting the needs of the business with a Mandata TMS

The Directors of Waters Waste didn't expect to find a system that would handle the ideosyncrasies of their sector and they considered a bespoke system. So they were delighted when they found Mandata's system with features to support the waste tanker haulage sector.

Since implementing its first computerised TMS the company has realised a range of benefits including:

  • Business growth - new systems have been the catalyst to growth and improved service levels
  • Quick ROI - £12,000 in admin time savings have been realised in the first year alone
  • Debtor days have reduced - clients pay quicker as a result of daily invoicing
  • Time savings - system has replaced time-consuming manual processes enabling staff to concentrate on more important tasks

A new, computerised system to help the business grow

Before Waters adopted its Mandata system, for Tom Waters, Operations Director at Waters Waste and his management team, putting in more hours and working longer days seemed to be the way ahead to ensure that things got done.

As the company expanded it soon become apparent that its manual systems simply weren’t up to the job – indeed, they were holding things back. “Time was the main problem,” said Tom.

“We were spending a lot of time moving recurring jobs onwards and re-writing them out which meant it was easy to miss jobs. As we got busier and the business expanded we knew we couldn’t continue in the same vein, a new system had to be found.” When the directors of Waters Waste came across Mandata, they liked their approach to developing integrated software.

They needed a cost effective computerised system that would enable them to handle the increased demand for their services. Mandata's Transport Management System was implemented to replace the company's manual systems. Along with Integrated DIP, eInvoicing and Sage accounting.

“Our new systems are saving us time and have given us scope to grow. We’ve added four new tankers to the fleet since February 2013 with more to come on board soon,” says Tom.

Now, Manpack3 is enabling staff to use their time far more productively and effectively than previously, freeing them to do other important jobs that they need to do.”

“Manpack3 is such a major asset to our business; we would struggle to be where we are now without it,” enthuses Neal Waters, Managing Director. “It’s brought real added value, helping us to make positive progress in delivering tangible benefits, saving time across critical functions: planning, invoicing and accounts.

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