Keep your business operating as smoothly as possible through Covid-19.

With a range of integrated transport management systems.
From £49.99 + VAT per user/month

Work remotely as a team

Plan, monitor and invoice jobs from home, at the office, or across multiple depots. Work together as a team, no matter where you are using a Cloud TMS.

Work closer with sub-contractors

The Subbie Portal links to Mandata giving you and sub-contractors the ability to work in a more integrated way.  Provides real-time visibility and ePODs of your sub-contracted work..

Keep customers informed

Give clients access to your very own web portal. Provide on-line ordering, live job visibility, track and trace, electronic PODs and invoices in one integrated system. They’ll love the visibility it gives them.

Use contactless electronic proof of delivery

Avoid using customer’s own paperwork. Drivers add the recipient’s name and it’s transposed onto an electronic delivery note for you to download in minutes.

Save time with email invoicing

Once electronic proof of delivery is received the system generates invoices and can email them out with ePODs to your customers.

Improve visibility with ETAs

Make the most of your resources with pre-advice ETAs. Manage exceptions effectively with a live Arrivals Board.

What our Customers say:

 “The adaptation has literally been a lifeline for our drivers, business, and customers. It was essential for us to achieve a safer method of proof of delivery. Transposing the POD details straight on to the electronic delivery note was a neat solution which meant we were able to adapt quickly.”

“We have been trying to convince customers for some time to go down the paperless route. Now we’ve proven we can eradicate the need for hard copy delivery notes, this is a major step forward for us. It has demonstrated to us what we already knew, that in this day and age it’s simply not necessary to lump around great wads of paper.”

Bob Milton, Director, Tapfreight Ltd

Mandata provides a range of transport management systems and solutions for companies of all sizes.

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