Mandata Tracking and Telematics

Tracking and Telematics

With vehicle and trailer tracking and driver behaviour tightly integrated with your Mandata TMS, you can see job progress and gain rich insights into your fleet.

There will be no doubt.

With live load status updates and greater visibility, you're better informed and in control of your haulage processes.

Vehicle locations and their status combine with load progress to give you full visibility of your work in progress in the Mandata TMS.


    Track your vehicles and trailers in real-time

    Where the vehicle is, which way it is heading and where it is in the job sequence are just some of the details you can see within the Mandata TMS and Web Services Manager.

    See each vehicle's status and load progress

    Live vehicle locations in the traffic pad and on maps give planners the information they need to monitor job progress and plan new jobs. Driver Tacho modes if you use digital tachographs can give you the visibility you need to see where you can squeeze in that extra job, safely and profitably.

    Mandata Tracking units are fitted by Mandata's in-house Tracking Engineers and are guaranteed for the life of the contract.

    Atex Certified Mandata Tracking Units are also available for use in hazardous environments.

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    Receive real-time status updates

    A unique geo-fencing address enables the status of consignments to be updated automatically within your Mandata systems.

    When locations are geo-fenced, automatic progress of collections and deliveries are made both within the Mandata TMS and Mandata Web Services Manager as they happen.

    When a driver is sent daily tasks, the system automatically geo-fences the collection and delivery points enabling you to see real-time updates and receive alerts on progress.

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    Mandata Tracking 'on-the-go'

    For you and your customers

    Mandata Track and Trace App

    Keep customers informed and reduce ETA call volumes. Your customers can see live job progress; where each job is in the job sequence and they can access PODs too.

    Mandata Unit Tracking App

    Track your vehicles and loads in real-time. With journey history, idling and speeding event history as well as load progress information, you’ll have up-to-the-minute visibility of your fleet wherever you go.

    Available on Android and iOS

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    Improve driving behaviour. Reduce your costs.

    With integrated tracking and fleet behaviour you'll have rich insights into performance and find exactly where you need to make improvements

    Gain valuable insights into your vehicles

    Analyse performance and resolve issues before they impact your business.

    See where incidents take place

    Integrate Mandata Fleet Behaviour with Mandata Tracking to see a bird's eye view of a location within Web Services Manager.

    Share results with Drivers

    Create your own KPI's in Mandata Web Services Manager and compare key metrics such as average speed and idling time. Share driver scorecards and league tables with drivers and their peer groups to encourage better driving performance.

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Mobile apps for your drivers and trainers

  • Educate drivers and encourage positive improvements with Mandata SmartDrive

    Rather than having to wait to see results, drivers can see their daily, weekly and monthly score cards. They can also see the other driver's score cards that you choose. This enables you to incentivise drivers and promote healthy competition to improve driving styles. The resulting benefits will be seen in your fuel bills.

    Available on Android and iOS

  • Trainers can see team results any time anywhere
    with Mandata FleetDrive

    View daily, weekly and monthly score cards. Compare status duration data for units and drivers. Check score rankings and value rankings of your KPI's. View league table information for your fleets and access the driver working day and fortnightly tacho hours.

    Available on Android and iOS

Improve the safety and efficiency of your fleet and drive down costs

with an integrated tracking and fleet behaviour solution from Mandata.

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What our customers say


MPG across our fleet has dramatically improved, resulting in an initial £202,727 fuel saving which has also had a direct impact on maintenance costs.

Malcolm Stennett, Director, Stennetts

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