Mandata TMS

Mandata TMS

The Mandata transport management system sits at the heart of your operation connecting people and processes and providing all the tools you need in one place.

Plan, monitor, manage, invoice and report on all the work you do.

All the functionality you need to manage your haulage operation with greater visibility and efficiency is here, in one integrated transport management system.

"We plan jobs against 1,000+ drivers. We needed a dynamic pad that allowed us to manage change more effectively throughout the day. With the Mandata TMS Traffic Pad we can manipulate drivers and loads dynamically and fluidly. Planners can see jobs and available drivers and bring them all together to plan and process multiple jobs in a fraction of the time."
IT Manager, BCA Logistics

Preparing Work

Drive efficiency throughout every stage of your haulage process with the Mandata TMS.


    An intuitive database helps you to plan each job effectively.

    Vehicle attributes, opening/closing times, map/geo-fence details etc are saved for individual sites. Multiple ways to apply complex rates to jobs will make planning jobs accurate and simpler for you.


    There are multiple ways to receive, create and input jobs.

    Easily create recurring and bulk jobs to avoid repetitive entry and give customers the ability to book jobs on-line via your own web portal with Mandata Web Services. Streamline the process of routine job imports via Mandata EDI's to speed up the process too.

Planning and Monitoring Work

Receive, plan, manage and monitor work in one single view with the Mandata TMS Drag and Drop Traffic Pad.

It's the most flexible, configurable and powerful traffic planning tool you can use. With live progress updates you'll see clearly if work is going to plan!

  • Flexible drag and drop functionality

    Enables changes to be made quickly and easily throughout the day.
  • Total fields tell you how much you make on every job

    Ensuring you maximise your revenue.
  • Traffic pads can be as simple or complex as you like.

    They are tailored to include the details you need to plan, manage and monitor work efficiently.
  • Live data updates imported into your traffic pad to improve planning

    Driver availability, new jobs, maintenance diaries can all be imported to ensure you're viewing the most recent data.
  • Fields can be colour-coded

    Conditional formatting allows key details to stand-out according to set rules.
  • Information can be filtered

    Each planner can focus on their jobs and be alerted to issues quickly before problems escalate.
  • Send live information to/from drivers

    Seamless connectivity with a driver’s mobile device via the Mandata Manifest App enables you to send job instructions and the job status, POD’s and signatures are automatically updated in the Traffic Pad.

As work is being done

Maintain clear visibility of progress at all times.

  • Receive real-time status updates within the Traffic Pad

    Mandata Geo-fencing enables automatic progress updates to be made within the TMS as geo-fences are crossed, and alerts you if a timed delivery will be missed or if a vehicle has remained on-site for too long.
  • Live status updates of the load, driver and vehicle locations

    With an integrated Mandata TMS and Tracking system you can see everything you need in one system. With full visibility, you can take greater control of your operation.
  • See a whole new level of detail

    Calling up maps and viewing vehicle data alongside manifest information gives you greater visibility with which to manage your operation.
  • See how drivers and vehicles perform

    Mandata Fleet Behaviour gives you valuable insight to support your driver education program and help promote safe, economic and positive driving.

When each job is completed

Share documentation and results, quickly.

  • Make PODs instantly available

    Give customers the documentation they need as soon as a job is complete. Your customers can download PODs and other documents from your website and if you're using Mandata Tracking they can watch as work is progressed using the Mandata Track and Trace App.
  • Email invoices with POD's straight from the TMS to your customer.

    Using Mandata eInvoicing and Mandata DIP your customers can receive all the information they need to see you've done the job and pay you for the job.
  • Issues can be addressed quickly too

    The system closes the time gap between delivery and invoice enabling you to confirm non-conformances and accurate delivery details so issues can be resolved more easily.
  • Real-time KPI reports

    See how your business is performing using an extensive library of reports within the TMS. It's easy to share results automatically with customers too.

See what the Mandata TMS can do for you!

Your TMS. Your Way.

Our software will not dictate processes. And, unlike many other systems, is adaptable and can be customised for you.

  • It's modular!

    Choose from a range of Mandata Add-ons to tightly integrate your business systems and bring more information into your TMS.

  • It can be customised for you

    As well as changes you can make, we can customise your TMS and create bespoke functionality so that it works smarter for you.

  • Cloud or Self-hosted TMS?

    You can host your own TMS or use our Cloud. Either solution provides the same feature-rich software and tight integration between modules.

Mandata TMS Add-ons

You can choose to integrate any of our applications with your Mandata TMS. Information is synced and updated automatically between applications, so you'll be able to see and do more as a result.

  • Mandata Tracking

    Cloud and mobile applications to monitor the whereabouts of your vehicles and trailers.

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  • Mandata InCab Mobile

    Real-time communications to send information and electronic documents to and from your drivers.

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  • Mandata eDocs

    The paperless office solution that saves time and simplifies procedures.

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  • Mandata Fleet and Driver Behaviour

    Gain unique insights into driving styles and your vehicle's performance when you integrate Mandata Tracking and Driver Behaviour.

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  • Mandata Connect

    Streamline your business with automated solutions that transfer information between your accounts, workshop, and pallet network systems and your Mandata TMS.

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  • Mandata Analytics

    Unlock your data and see results you need with reports and KPI dashboards that provide a live window to your entire operation.

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What our customers say

“Now we’re starting to track vehicles with Mandata we’re gaining more detailed information; geo-fenced loads are giving us firm entry and exit times and we can see live progress and load status updates.”

Mark Bennett, DFDS Logistics,

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