Mandata TMS Go

Mandata TMS Go!

Tired of planning collections and deliveries on paper or spreadsheets? TMS Go! is a new system for smaller, simpler haulage operations with functionality to use straight out of the box.

Plan collections and deliveries with software that makes it simple for you.

Start scheduling and invoicing your collections and deliveries today on a user-friendly system that's simple to use - you can do everything from order to invoice in a few simple steps. Here's how:

Step 1. Plan your work

See jobs to do and match drivers and vehicles to loads using an intuitive drag and drop Traffic Pad. It's where you see work to do, build your loads, print or send instructions to drivers, and more.

Step 2. Send work instructions to drivers

Get on the road to simpler paperless deliveries with TMS Go! Print or email manifests or send job details direct to your driver’s smartphone when you add the Mandata Manifest app.

Step 3. Receive proof of delivery

Scan documents and save them to the job in TMS Go!
Or add the Mandata Manifest App to capture signatures as proof-of-delivery or photo PODs. They're then saved automatically to TMS Go! ready for you to view and invoice.

Step 4. Paperless Email Invoicing

Proof documents are automatically attached to invoices emailed direct to your customer, saving you time and money.

What TMS Go! users say:

  • "Live POD Feed Feature is a big advantage"

    TMS Go! will potentially lead to 15 hours per week in admin time-savings, and is particularly ‘great for more streamlined job planning’.

    Annemarie Rigby, Transport Administrator
    TSL Contractors

  • "It only takes 5 minutes to plan 20 loads"

    We're now managing deliveries much further in advance than previously, up to 7 days ahead, which is a significant advantage when allocating resources, drivers and vehicles.

    Ross Flynn, Director
    R and G Logistics

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No maintenance. No worries! No catch!

Just get on and do your work without the worry of data back-ups, software updates etc. It's all done for you.

Add functionality as you need.

It's easy to plug any Mandata applications into Mandata TMS Go!

  • The Manifest App - for paperless proof of delivery
  • The Vehicle Checks App - for live results from driver walk around inspections
  • Mandata Vehicle Tracking - for real-time progress and locations of vehicles and loads
  • Document Scanning - to turn paper into digital copies for easy storage and retrieval
  • Fleet Behaviour - to monitor and improve the performance of your drivers and vehicles.
Build the system as you grow
Access powerful functionality that brings real-time information into your Mandata system for a true paperless traffic office.

Interested to know more about TMS Go?

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