Mandata Cloud TMS

Secure, cost-efficient and flexible, find out why many hauliers are choosing to host their systems in the Cloud.

Imagine a system that could manage all of your processes from job creation through to invoicing, that came without any maintenance stress or bulky servers...

The Mandata Cloud TMS is a versatile system capable of supporting the most complex business models and demanding workloads.

Hosted in Mandata's virtual Cloud server, you'll have everything you need to plan, record, monitor, manage and report on every job you do, and Mandata will manage the system maintenance for you.

“For us, the multi-user system seamlessly connects our head office in Fareham with our traffic office in Cheshire. Updating itself in real-time, the Cloud system has provided us with a much more efficient window on our operations as opposed to our previous, manual system.”
Transport Manager, Singletons Transport

Cloud vs. Server technology

Hauliers face a multitude of day-to-day challenges to ensure that their transport operations continue to run smoothly.

  • Fast, simple and cost-effective

    Mandata’s Cloud TMS is quicker and easier to implement than a traditional, server-based solution, and costs less upfront to install. For a monthly subscription fee, users can enjoy 24/7 access to enterprise-class technology.

  • Flexible data storage solutions

    With your TMS hosted in the Cloud, as your operations grow, your systems can grow with you, with flexible data storage available as part of your package.

  • Freedom to work from anywhere

    Systems hosted in the Cloud give users the freedom to work from anywhere, at any time of day, on any device, so long as they have access to the internet.

  • Enterprise-class security

    All of Mandata's Cloud solutions benefit from the added security of our automated back-up procedures and our Class-4, EMC Disaster Recovery platform, and are maintained in-house by our IT Services team.

Key benefits of the Mandata Cloud TMS

Enjoy all of the features and functionality of a traditional Mandata TMS, without any of the stress of maintaining it.

  • Faster implementation

    With no hardware to install, implementing a Cloud-hosted TMS is quick and painless, minimising any disruption to your business.

  • Cost-effective

    Because of the lack of hardware, there are less upfront fees to pay for installing a Cloud TMS. All Cloud-hosting costs are rolled into a manageable monthly subscription charge.

  • Work from anywhere

    Enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere, at any time, on any device, so long as you have access to the internet.

  • Enterprise-class security

    All Cloud-hosted data is protected by Mandata's Class-4 Data Recovery Platform and enterprise-class firewalls for added peace of mind.

  • Maintenance free systems

    Managed in-house by Mandata's dedicated IT Services team, users can enjoy all of the benefits of using the Cloud TMS without any of the stress of maintaining it.

  • Automatic product updates

    Any upgrades to your TMS will be applied automatically by Mandata's IT Services team, at no extra cost to you, so you will always be using the most up-to-date version of your software.

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Mandata Cloud TMS Add-ons

You can choose to integrate any of our applications with your Mandata Cloud TMS. Information is synced and updated automatically between applications, so you'll be able to see and do more as a result.

  • Mandata Tracking

    Web and mobile applications to monitor the whereabouts of your vehicles and trailers.

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  • Mandata InCab

    Real-time communications to send information and documents to and from your driver.

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  • Mandata eDocs

    The paperless office solution that saves time and simplifies procedures.

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  • Mandata Fleet and Driver Behaviour

    Gain unique insights into driving styles and your vehicle's performance when you integrate Mandata Tracking and Driver Behaviour.

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  • Mandata Connect

    Streamline your business with automated solutions that transfer information between your accounts, workshop, and pallet network systems and your Mandata TMS.

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  • Mandata Analytics

    Unlock your data and see results you need with reports and KPI dashboards that provide a live window to your entire operation.

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