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Access up-to-the-minute results throughout the day with tools you can use to access, analyse and share results quickly.

See live results throughout the day.

No more having to wait hours or days to see how your haulage business is performing. With easy access to live data from your TMS, Tracking and other Mandata modules via Mandata Dashboards or Reports, you can quickly turn knowledge into action.


Visualise and share results.

Is it taking too long to find the results you need to make decisions throughout the day? See how your business is really performing with Mandata Dashboards - a live window to your whole operation.

  • See KPI's that matter to you

    Simply refresh to see live data from your Mandata TMS, Tracking and Fleet Behaviour systems together with your Accounting, Workshop and Warehouse systems too.

    Easy to intepret. Quick to share.

    Your KPI's will be brought to life in easy to read charts. Give members of each team access to the results you need them to see.

  • See results, right now!

    View live Dashboards anywhere. Access your key business data at home, in the office or on the move; on desktop, tablet or mobile.

    Respond quickly to issues.

    Live visibility of KPI's helps to minimise the risk of issues going unnoticed, enabling you to make informed decisions and quicker improvements to your business.

You can achieve more with live, accurate results from your integrated TMS.

The Mandata TMS is packed full of information you can use to analyse trends, identify issues and spot business opportunities.

  • Extensive reports library

    You can generate a report at the press of a button from the reports library, many of which have been written specifically for your sector; this will give you the tools to dive deeper into any aspect of your business.

    Save time with automated reports

    The Mandata TMS can even automatically generate reports at a specific time and date and email them out for you.

  • Report Generator Add-on

    Exporting your data from your Mandata TMS to .CSV or PDF is straight forward. You can manipulate the data any way you choose and give your customers the information they need quickly and easily.

    Customised for you

    We can help you to extract the KPI’s you need from your systems. If you need something unique, we can create reports that enable you to get to the heart of the matter.

No more waiting to see out-of-date KPI's.

See how your business is performing throughout the day with Mandata Analytics.

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