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In-Cab Mobile

Send work instructions to driver's smartphones and they can complete deliveries collecting electronic proof of delivery and vehicle check results whilst they're out on the road.

Send live information to and from your driver's smartphone to simplify collections and deliveries.

Whether you employ your own drivers or sub-contractors, Mandata connects to their iOS or Android smartphone devices to make sending manifest details and receiving electronic proof of delivery and non-conformance, a quick and seamless process.

Send work instructions to drivers

Receive electronic POD's as each job is complete

Your drivers can complete tasks such as updating job statuses, saving non-conformance photos
and the details will be saved to your Mandata system in real-time.

  • Manifest App

    Sending work and receiving electronic proof of delivery including sign-on-glass and photo PODs, is quick and easy with the Mandata Manifest App for your driver's smartphone.

    As jobs are planned in your TMS, manifest details and work instructions are automatically sent to your driver so they can get on and progress the job.

    With the Manifest App your drivers can: take sign-on glass signatures, take photos for non-conformance purposes and the details will be saved behind each job within your Mandata transport management system instantly.

    See how Bishopsgate Specialist Installations are using the Mandata Manifest App to improve transparency

    Sub-contractors App

    No more emailing or texting work to subbies - with this App anyone can be part of your team.

    With the Sub-contractor App you can: work with external staff as if they're your own drivers, send jobs to your sub-contractor’s mobile device and receive progress updates and POD's back in your TMS as each job is completed.

Simplify compliance with electronic vehicle checks

Capture and report on daily walk-around checks with the Mandata Vehicle Checks App

The simple to use the Vehicle Checks app time stamps start and finish times so you can report on rushed or missed inspections.

You can define the points you need drivers to check and see the results in the Mandata Web Services portal.

Reduce VOR and ensure vehicles are being properly inspected and maintained by giving your drivers a tool they can use everyday. They can also recall previous vehicle checks during roadside inspections on the app.

Sending manifests to and receiving electronic proof of delivery and photo POD's from your drivers is quick easy.

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What our customers say

Our systems provide instant access to real-time information and they are user-friendly. In fact recent innovations from Mandata have made our systems altogether more flexible and more manageable, enabling us to deliver more value into the customer base.

Tim Bloch, Bishopsgate Specialist Logistics and Installations,

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