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Our paperless office solutions can reduce the time spent handling paperwork and improve the efficiency of your supply chain procedures.

Save time, minimise errors and ensure PODs are available to staff and customers soon after delivery.

With innovative ways to automate your paper-based systems you'll have more transparency at every stage of a delivery's journey.


    Go paperless with Mandata

    Are you still working with paper POD's? With Mandata DocScan you can minimise paperwork and its impact on your business by scanning and saving images of documents to your network to make retrieving them quick and easy.

    Simplify invoicing procedures
    With Mandata DocScan you can automatically attach files such as POD's to email invoices to streamline your invoicing procedures.

    Give customers access to POD's and other files
    With Mandata DocScan you can save file attachments to jobs within your TMS making them accessible to everyone including your customers. You can also amend access rights to these documents to protect sensitive information.

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    Invoice on the day of delivery

    Ever wished you could take the time, effort and cost out of producing invoices? You can, with Mandata email invoicing.

    Email invoices along with POD's direct from the Mandata TMS as soon as a job is complete. Save time and postage costs and send the POD and invoice to customers quickly. The quicker they receive your invoice the quicker they can pay you right?

    You can also:

    - Automate customer self-bill matching
    - Batch invoicing (daily, weekly or monthly)
    - Send invoices to multiple email addresses

    You can also specify individual settings for each of your customers depending on their requirements - send paper invoices, email invoices, or both.

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Automate your manual tasks

With Mandata paperless solutions you can transform the way you work.

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What our customers say

Waters Waste

“The Mandata TMS has helped in saving a lot of money this year, and the more we grow, the more money we will save with Mandata. Time wise, the system has already paid for itself.”

Neal Waters, Managing Director, Waters Waste

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