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Reducing duplication of effort, saving time and avoiding costly mistakes are just some of the benefits of connecting your accounting, pallet network, workshop and other systems to the Mandata TMS.

Streamline your haulage business

Sync data between your TMS and other systems as quick as a flash! With a range of Mandata solutions you can integrate with your TMS and transform the way you work.

Automatic data imports/exports with Mandata EDI's

Details you need to update regularly can be imported/exported to and from Mandata TMS to preserve data accuracy, vastly reduce the time it takes to enter information, and avoid manual data input and errors.

  • Here are some examples of EDI's:
    Job creation and amendments
    Unit, Driver and Trailer imports
    System and Driver Calendar imports
    Load Creation and Allocation
    Latest modifications and more

    EDI's monitored for you

    If there’s an error with your data import/export routine, it could be some time before you realise you have an issue. We actively monitor EDI's to ensure they are successful helping your operation to continue to run smoothly.

Effortless Pallet Network updates

Two-way data transfer between your Mandata TMS and your pallet network system enables you to manage everything in one place to minimise duplication of effort.

We have two-way import/export routines for use with all major pallet network systems!

  • Pallet network carriers our systems integrate with include:
    Pallet Track
    The Pallet Network (TPN)
    United Pallet Network (UPN)

Keeping your books balanced

With instant updates in your accounts and payroll at the same time as your TMS, you're always in control of your finances.

  • As a Sage Development Partner we develop features to integrate the Mandata TMS with Sage 50 and 200 Accounts and Sage Payroll.

    We also provide sales ledger day book links to many other leading accounting systems.

Vehicle Maintenance

Reduce VOR and simplify planning with seamless integration between your Mandata TMS and the Freeway Workshops Maintenance recording system.

  • Improve vehicle utilisation.
    Integration with the Mandata TMS and Freeway Workshop software enables you to plan repairs and maintenance in line with your transport operations to improve planning, maximise revenue and reduce VOR incidents.

    Reduce vehicle off-road occurrences. Your planners will be aware of planned and adhoc vehicle maintenance; bookings can be logged automatically within the TMS when integrated with the Freeway Workshop module.

  • Manage vehicle maintenance efficiently.

    With maintenance planned around work schedules you can minimise the impact on your business having vehicles off-road. Produce detailed reports via your Mandata TMS.

    Log issues identified by drivers.

    Any issues identified during vehicle checks carried out on driver’s PDA and mobile devices are automatically highlighted in Mandata Web Services Manager allowing for effective maintenance planning.

Automate your data imports and exports!

Reduce duplication of effort, save time and avoid costly mastakes with Mandata Connect.

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