Manage sub-contracted work easily, with greater visibility

As a Mandata TMS and Go user you can manage all your sub-contracted work and customer expectations more effectively.

Mandata Subbie Portal for Hauliers and their subcontractors

For users of Mandata TMS and Mandata Go

Do you find managing sub-contractors an ongoing challenge?

The Subbie Portal makes it easy for you. Giving you the visibility you need to manage your customer expectations, and invoice quickly.

  • Invite your sub-contractors to register on-line
  • Once they’ve registered – send jobs from Mandata to your sub-contractor’s Subbie Portal
  • View real-time load status updates, non-conformance and  electronic PODs within your Mandata system as subbies progress your work

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Subbie Portal for Subcontractors of Mandata TMS or Go users

For Sub-contractors

Once your Partner haulier invites you to join, all you need to do is register to start using the Subbie Portal.

  • Receive, accept and progress jobs from hauliers
  • Update load progress and scan documents into the system
  • All updates are made in your partner haulier’s Mandata TMS or Go system

Received an invite from your Partner haulier?
Follow the link in your invitation to register.

Need to access your Subbie Portal Account? Click here


See how the Subbie Portal works with Mandata TMS

Let’s help you get started


Mandata TMS and Go users will need a license for sub-contractors to use the Subbie Portal.  To get started please talk to your Customer Relationship Manager or email: or enquire here.


Once your Partner haulier invites you to join, follow the link in the email you receive to sign-up. All you need is an Internet connection and a Windows PC.