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There’s a broad mix of work available from general haulage, frozen and chilled, and everything in between.

Stay informed

Keep customers infomed

Our mobile app helps you keep your customers informed with job status updates as you progress work.

Loads Near you

Finding new haulage loads has never been easier

The days of constantly ringing around to find more haulage work are over. 

Hauliers from all sectors of the road transport industry are looking for trusted subcontractors to cover their excess loads. 

Returnloads gives you the flexibility to find work as and when you need.

Keep your customers informed

Once you’ve accepted work, jobs appear on the Returnloads+ app, ready for you to do.

As you update job progress, the Returnloads portal is updated automatically so your customers can see if work is going to plan. Digital signature capture, live status updates and ETAs gives them the information they need whilst saving you time and hassle.

Integrated solutions

An integrated freight exchange

Returnloads integrates with Mandata Transport Management Software making it easier for you to manage all your transport work as well as your Returnloads work.

Hear it from one of our customers...

Baxter's Transport Ltd

“The software pays for itself with one job. Returnloads helps our journeys become more profitable by minimising empty running costs and also having the jobs there, when we need them. Since joining Returnloads, we’ve been able to build good relationships and become part of a large network of hauliers.” – Barry Baxter, Owner – Baxter’s Transport Ltd