No need to take vehicles off-road to download tacho data or manually download data from driver tacho cards.

With the Mandata Tacho Now tacho data download service, tacho data is automatically collated in one system for you to review and upload automatically to your 3rd party tacho analysis provider.

For haulage operators downloading tacho data means manually downloading data from the tachograph and driver card periodically. To avoid this time consuming and costly activity, we provide the automated Tacho Now service.

How Tacho Now works

This service requests the data from each vehicle and from a driver’s card, uploading and storing the data safely on our cloud servers for you to review. It can also be exported to your 3rd party analysis partner’s system.

You can monitor the success of tacho downloads from each vehicle and driver card and export the data to your dedicated compliance system.

Configurable alerts notify you of any issues with any tacho downloads for any vehicle or driver to avoid gaps in your tacho data.

Once downloaded, your tacho data can be uploaded to your 3rd party analysis software provider.

We currently offer this service for:

  • TruTac TruAnalysis
  • Descartes SmartAnalysis
  • Roadtech Tachomaster
  • Stoneridge OPTAC3

More modules to provide real-time visibility of your operation:

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