Mandata’s unique Geo-fencing feature enables real-time job status updates.

When locations are geo-fenced, automatic progress updates of collections and deliveries are made within the Mandata TMS and TMS Go! giving you the latest up-to-the-minute job status information.

With Mandata Job Geo-fencing you can:

Create an irregular shaped geo-fence around any location. Circular geo-fences can easily overlap and be crossed accidentally leading to inaccurate delivery and collection information. By drawing a polygon geo-fence you can create a boundary that does not intersect with another boundary to ensure your delivery information is accurate.

Receive status alerts and warnings. Once drivers cross a geo-fenced location, you can receive an email or SMS alert. You can also be notified when a vehicle has been stationary and idling, or remained on-site for an excessive period of time.

Geo-fence manifests. When a driver has sent their daily tasks, the system automatically geo-fences the collection and delivery points which will give you real-time status updates on his tasks.

Improve customer service. The status of each job will change automatically within your Customer Portal. Giving your customers access to live job status updates, reducing your inbound ETA enquiries.

More modules to provide real-time visibility of your operation:

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