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Once your plan is in progress how do you know jobs are progressing as they should?

Your vehicles are on the road, your drivers know where
to go and what to do. But no matter how well you’ve planned, there can still be unexpected delays, issues and changes you need to make.

Mandata gives your team the ability to react quickly and
proactively to changing situations throughout the day:
  • See real-time plan execution updates including load information, vehicle location and job status.
  • Make amendments to the plan without having to re-do everything else.
  • Capture live information about your fleet and drivers
    to simplify compliance and governance.
  • Monitor driver and vehicle performance to make
    continuous improvements.
  • Electronic proof-of-delivery and non-conformance
    details saved automatically behind the job for quick,
    simple and accurate invoicing.


With live feeds into the TMS your team is ready to adapt to evolving situations throughout the day and manage by exception.

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