Thanks for your interest in Team Admin Compliance

Do you find it difficult sharing legislative information with your team, particularly across your mobile workforce? Team Admin Compliance is a new add-on for our Team Admin suite of products. It will make sending documents to your team much simpler for you.

With Team Admin Compliance you can share documentation with your team and get feedback and evidence of documents having been read.

Here are some of the cool things you can do:

  • Upload and schedule the distribution of content to your staff e.g. health and safety guidelines, operational procedures and instruction manuals.
  • Give your team access to the documents via an app and web portal.
  • See evidence that the content has been read by asking employees to answer questions about it.
  • Insist that people sign off documents. Digital signatures and relevant dates can then be superimposed onto copies of the actual documents for your records. 
  • Go back historically and see who read documents, and when.


Like to see a preview of Mandata Team Admin Compliance?

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