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Mandata Tracking Unit Installation

Mandata’s team of tracking engineers build, configure and test specialised tracking units, and install them for customers.

Each Mandata Tracking Unit is carefully configured to match the type of vehicle it is to be fitted to.

Before we commence any job for a customer, we ask for a list of all of their vehicles so we can match the software we upload onto the PCB boards to the make and model of the vehicle and the type of Tachograph it has installed. All of our tracking software is written and maintained in-house so we can be flexible to the needs of the customer, even if they own a mixed fleet of vehicles.

Building the devices

After we’ve configured the software, we get to work on building the tracking unit itself. Mandata now offers two different types of tracking unit, a standard device which is suitable for use with most HGV’s and an ATEX certified device which has been custom designed for use by road tanker operators. Depending on the type of vehicle the unit is going to be fitted to, we wire the devices up and place them in their specialised casings and then proceed to the testing phase of the installation.

On-site testing and installation

Although the unit’s basic functionality is tested by our hardware provider, Stadium, at the start of the production process, our team of engineers carry out further tests both before and after the completed device is fitted to a vehicle to make sure that the device is transmitting the correct data, and that the reports feeding back into Mandata Web Services are coming from the correct geolocation.

Each HGV is different, so every time we go out to a customer’s site to install new tracking units, even though we know the makes and models of the vehicles we are going to be working with in advance, we never know exactly how long the installation process is going to take. Testing is a huge part of what we do and each vehicle needs to be tested individually, because aside from making sure that the tracking devices themselves are working properly, we also need to ensure that each vehicles’ functions are working properly too. After installing a tracking unit, we test the vehicles’ ignition to make sure that the tracking unit knows when a job route begins and ends, we test the CAN bus data to make sure that the miles per gallon and vehicle fuel level is being recorded accurately by the tracker. We also test the vehicle’s Tachograph to ensure that the time and date stamps recorded along the vehicle’s route are correct.

Unit aftercare and life-time guarantees

At Mandata, we appreciate that sometimes, accidents happen and things get broken and with the best will in the world, no technology lasts forever which is why we offer a free replacement service for the lifetime of tracking devices with a current subscription. We also offer complimentary software upgrades for all of our tracking devices which are carried out remotely by our engineering team. Mandata’s Tracking and Telematics solutions integrate seamlessly with the Mandata TMS, and an extensive range of additional modules to help provide you with unparalleled visibility across your transport and logistics operation.

To find out how Mandata Tracking can add value to your business, contact us on 0191 250 2220 for more information.