Managed IT Services

We have had Mandata's Manpack3 system in operation since 2007. It was the unique offering of Mandata's Tracking and Driver Behaviour software linking directly into Manpack3 which made Mandata stand out as the system of choice.

Michael Hurford, Financial Director, Freightroute Limited

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Mandata Managed IT Services

Your data and systems in safe hands.

Although better known for developing software, we also have a team of IT networking experts who not only look after the infrastructure on which Mandata applications reside, they also provide a range of IT services to support our customers.

These days we’re all reliant on technology and expecting more from it. We’re increasingly mobile and needing continuous access to information no matter where we are working.

With greater pressure on haulage businesses to operate in more efficient ways, complex networking environments are required to give continuous access to information, as well as freedom and flexibility to work any time, anywhere.

These IT networks require expert design and constant care and attention, and so we work with customers to help them get the most from their IT as well as their Mandata systems. We always aim to go the extra mile for our customers. As well as the obvious software configurations and hardware set-ups, we also provide upgrade advice and services for customers using older systems. We’re happy to liaise with internal IT teams, and 3rd party hardware providers too on behalf of customers, to ensure that systems will work compatibly with one another and, basically do the legwork behind the scenes to provide our customers with peace of mind.

We can be a ‘one-stop-IT-shop’ or work with your in-house IT team or IT providers.

We can be a ‘one-stop-IT-shop’ and look after all IT requirements; designing, implementing and maintaining IT networks for customers, ensuring the right building blocks are in place to allow systems to grow whilst staying safe, secure and healthy; and able to cope with the demands being placed on them.

As well as helping to design IT systems around a business, we can carry out every-day maintenance such as software updates and remote data back-ups for users so they can get on and manage their business without any worries.

Other services we provide happen in the Cloud. Any customers using our Cloud TMS can sit back and relax as we take care of everything. In basic terms, our IT services team manage the flow of data between Mandata users and their customers, whilst we ensure frequently accessed information is quickly available, and haulage processes run smoothly.

The recent infrastructure upgrade we made earlier this year not only improved the performance of our Cloud and mobile applications, so information is presented quicker to the user, it has simplified how we roll out future network upgrades for our customers. We can expand networks quickly by creating a server with Mandata software that’s needed quickly, saving users’ time and costs, and that’s why we’re seeing more of our customers migrating across to the Mandata Cloud TMS. As well as flexibility, it also provides a safe and reliable platform for data on an infinite scale that’s being continuously maintained by us.

And, now we have our distributed disaster recovery platform, customers can be assured that data is doubly secure and the right systems and procedures are in place, should data or systems need to be recovered. We have a full spectrum of IT services designed to take the strain of managing IT related issues and maintaining systems to meet the demands placed by 24x7 haulage operations.