The investments we have made in Mandata technology have played a vital role in our growth and expansion over the years and we continue to turn to Mandata to ensure our optimum performance and efficiency is maintained.

Richard Toner, Commercial Director, Elddis Transport

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Mandata Implementation

Make a smooth move to a new system.

When you've made the decsion to implement a new system, the prospect of moving can be daunting for you and your staff.

Don't worry, we provide full system training and UK-based telephone support so your users can quickly start to deliver the results you need and operate your systems with confidence.

Your implementation project will be managed closely with you and training provided to make the transition to your new systems as smooth as possible.

Before any work will start, you'll meet our Implementation Team. They will work closely with you throughout the implementation process. It is their role to ensure our software meets your exact needs and to ensure the process is completed as smoothly as possible.

This is how our implementation process works:

  • Pre-implementation Meeting - You'll meet the Implementation Team assigned to your project. They'll manage the implementation of your software, guide you through the set-up, training and go-live process of your new system. At this meeting we'll get to know more about your business and gain a clear understanding of your expectations, the required live date and a scheduled appointment for the first implementation visit.
  • Process Review - The first stage is to carry out a Process Review to establish current workflow, processes and procedures. This will build on the knowledge obtained at the pre-implementation visit and provide a clear understanding of how best to configure the system to provide your company with the very best solution.
  • Implementation/Set-up visits - The following visits, after the Process Review will be a turn-key process of discussing and configuring the system to match customer requirements. This will normally be over a period of weeks and months depending on the size of the implementation and will involve your staff as well as the implementation staff.
  • Training - A training plan will be created to allow minimal disruption to the business, but maximum exposure to the system, for the relevant staff.
  • Go-live - Implementation staff will always be on-site for the go-live. If the set-up, configuration and training have been addressed correctly, then this should be a smooth process that involves minimal disruption to the normal day-to-day routines of the business.

If you'd like to know more about Mandata software and discuss the implementation of a new system or new functionality, please contact us.