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Mandata Disaster Recovery and Data Protection

Data protection, application security and an enterprise-class Disaster Recovery facility are all part of the service Mandata provides.

We take buiness continuity very seriously, and the customer experience and protection of customer data is our highest priority.

As technology becomes ever-more ingrained in road haulage and logistics processes, protection of data and the ability to recover data and systems quickly following a disruption, is critical, and a factor which should be taken into consideration when choosing a software partner.

With greater pressure on your business to operate in more efficient ways, complex netowrking environments are required to give continuous access to information, peace of mind and confidence through data security, as well as freedom and flexibility to work anytime, anywhere.

Tier 4 Enterprise-class Network

We provide the highest levels of data protection and system performance to users of our software. Mandata systems reside on a state-of-the-art, continuously monitored and maintained network infrastructure within a Tier 4 enterprise-class Data Centre, commonplace in many FTSE 100 organisations.

Disaster Recovery Platform

Our comprehensive disaster recovery strategy provides peace of mind to you and confidence to your customers.

The Mandata DR Platform simplifies how data and information is managed, stored, prroected and recovered. with this resilient business continuity strategy in place to support your day-to-day operations and continued growth, you will minimise the risks that data loss or system down-time can pose to your business.

Our online-data back up and disaster recovery services give you peace of mind and will dramatically minimise the risks that data loss or system down-time can pose to your business.

Application Security

Any business that uses the Internet is vulnerable to attack from cybercriminals who test website security and try to exploit weaknesses with a view to stealing data or disrupting systems.

We take the constant and emerging threats posed to our users from cybercrime extremely seriously and our Software Security team are highly vigilant in their approach to monitoring and managing threats on an ongoing basis.

As a matter of course we conduct exhaustive pentetration tests on our web-based software and mobile applications to ensure security levels remain at their highest.

Whether you are looking to make the switch to a Mandata TMS or you are an existing customer, if you would like to know more about our business continuity procedures contact us for more information.