For your role

Mandata sits at the heart of your business, centralising and making live information available to everyone to share.

Everyone benefits...

when they're connected to the same information.

  • As soon as an update is made in your Mandata system, information is immediately available to your users. So everyone can enjoy the same benefits of live, accurate and up-to-date, information.

    Your customer's benefit too!

    From placing an order, to downloading a POD, your customers can access live information, on-line and on-the-go.

Managing Directors

See clearly. Stay up-to-date.

You don't have to wait hours or weeks to see how your company is performing. With Mandata you'll have the results you need within easy reach, in a number of ways.

  • Transport Analytics

    See how your company is performing with live KPI’s in easy-to-view charts on your mobile or desktop.

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  • Mobile Innovations

    Our range of Apps give you and your customers live information on-the-go.

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  • Automated Reports

    Reports can be produced automatically and emailed to a list of contacts.

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Maximise profits and keep costs low

Balancing the books is easier when you're in control. Mandata streamlines your processes in a number of ways.

  • Automatic updates

    Integrate your TMS with Sage and link to other accounts software to ensure quick and easy transfer of data.

  • Recharge all costs

    Use an unbilled report to ensure all jobs are invoiced. Any other charges can be added to an account so they're always charged out.

  • Email Invoicing

    Reduce debtor days and promote faster payment with email invoicing that automatically attaches the relevant POD for the job.

Transport Managers

Optimise utilisation and maintain visibility of your fleet.

Mandata helps you to plan and co-ordinate transport operations, ensuring goods reach their destination safely, on time and in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

  • Keep track of load progress

    See where your vehicles and trailers are and be alerted to any issues quickly to minimise issues impacting on work schedules.

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  • Maximise fuel efficiency

    Use Mandata Telematics to track driver behaviour and fleet performance. You can even see the latest scorecards on your mobile, and so can your drivers.

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  • Operate safely

    The Mandata Vehicle Checks App can sync with Freeway Workshop so you can identify issues quickly and plan maintenance around work to reduce VOR.

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