28 Jan 2015 / TT Express switch to Mandata for greater visibility

TTX made switch to Mandata systems

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Oldham-based Logistics and Distribution company TT Express has switched to a Mandata transport management solution to gain greater visibility and real-time information.

The company's previous systems were highly inefficient. They provided no data analytics, driver behaviour or fuel efficiency data. Without integration between its back-office system and vehicle tracking, information was limited and piecemeal.

It's early days, but so far benefits to be realised include:

  • Improved visibility of its trailers - using Mandata's new Trailer Tracking solution
  • Real-time information - enables TTX to extract meaningful information
  • Ablility to compare the efficiency of vehicles - helps TTX to construct future vehicle purchasing requirements and identify low performing vehicles
  • Customers are able to monitor consignments on a smart phone - gives customers real-time accurate information about their own jobs on the go!

The previous trailer tracking solution proved to be a hindrance to the business. Battery packs were only lasting a matter of months and had to be reinstalled – this all cost the company time and resulted in a loss of visibility as well as additional trailer parking charges being incurred.

“The trailer tracking battery packs from Mandata have been in for a few months now and they’re working well. The tracking data is accurate and live and that’s helping us to act quickly and dynamically manage the size of our trailer pool according to changing requirements.”

Mandata’s geo-fenced vehicle tracking has been the first to be rolled out together with a new trailer tracking solution and integrated driver behaviour across its fleet of 42 vehicles and 70 trailers.

The next step is to add a back-office system in the form of Mandata’s Manpack3 TMS and a Workshop module – to give TTX a whole new level of transparency and control.

Mandata's new Unit Tracking App is benefitting both staff and customers.

"Having access to all this data in a quick and effortless way is a fantastic tool. It helps our traffic planners to stay on top of the daily workload and it is also heavily utilised by our workshop team when dealing with breakdowns."

“We’ve been showing the App to our customers as it highlights how well equipped we are to do our job as a Haulage Services Provider. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, everybody feels that there are huge benefits in being able to monitor their consignments in real-time and it reduces calls to customer services. Once the next phase of our integration project is completed and the Manpack3 system is operational, we’ll be able to share even more information with our customers, such as live ETA’s and POD’s.”

As well as vehicle and trailer tracking, the company is using an integrated driver behaviour solution from Mandata which is helping to improve driver performance.

“Our drivers look forward to seeing the monthly league tables which we are now able to produce. We’re using the results to reward good performance and to identify where there is a need for additional training. This works remarkably well and enables us to achieve significant cost savings by improving MPG figures across the board. It also rewards and motivates staff to excel. ”

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