18 Dec 2014 / Systems continue to lighten the load at Shepherds

Shepherd Distribution

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Each year Shepherd Distribution Services make in excess of 125,000 deliveries of bulk non-standard sized metal products along with palletised freight through the Palletline network.

The company has been using Mandata’s Manpack3 TMS for fourteen years to manage deliveries throughout the UK and Europe.

Manpack3 is integrated with Mandata’s PDA Manifests, ePOD and Advanced Services to provide visibility together with on-line booking and real-time POD retrieval.

“The fact that our customers can tap into our on-line booking system to view POD’s via the web is a big plus,”

says Laurence Abel, Managing Director.

“In this day and age you need the support of technology to keep one step ahead of the game. By working with Mandata we’ve been able to adopt some of the latest advances in technology and that’s enabled us to move forward.”

“Although we have a large client base our systems enable us to stay nimble; continue to deliver on service levels and give customers what they need – real-time information, when they need it.”


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