04 Nov 2014 / Time-wise system leads to growth for Waters Waste

Waters Waste

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Not enough hours in the day for Waters Waste

Realising profitable growth and expansion is every business owners dream but achieving this isn’t always easy. If systems and processes aren’t up to the task, increased order volumes can be a mixed blessing.

For Yorkshire-based Waters Waste Services, rapid growth was resulting in the directors and staff having to work longer days to meet the increased demand for its services.

“Time was the main problem,” said Tom Waters, Operations Director.

“We’d outgrown our manual systems and they were slowing the business down. Drivers were writing out their own waste transfer notes which were often difficult to read, and it was all too easy for details such as addresses, waste license and exemption numbers to be omitted. This had a knock-on effect on the time it took to process paperwork and invoice for jobs.”

Another issue was the day-to-day management of jobs. Tom explains: “We were using job books and spreadsheets to record jobs and spending a lot of time moving recurring jobs onwards and re-writing them out. This meant jobs were easy to miss. As we got busier and the business expanded we knew we couldn’t continue in the same vein.”

Bespoke vs. off-the-shelf solutions

Whilst a computerised system would have obvious benefits for the company, the directors were not confident of finding an off-the-shelf system to cope with the idiosyncrasies of the waste transport sector. They considered having a bespoke system developed, but found creating a system from scratch would be a lengthy and costly process. On searching further they found our transport management system Manpack3 had the functionality they needed.

Manpack3 is developed specifically for the road transport sector and provides end-to-end management of transport, and collections and deliveries from the point of booking through to invoicing. Although Waters Waste is unique in the sense that it specialises in waste removal and water replenishment, it has similar requirements to many road tanker and general haulage operators that use our system wisely.

We can customise the software to fit the specific needs of companies, if required, and have a range of modules available to integrate with Manpack3 which add to its functionality. As well as managing transport, operators can track their fleet and loads, and monitor driver behaviour with our telematics solutions. They can also manage finances, vehicle maintenance etc., with one seamless integrated system.

Specialised functionality for Road Tankers

Road tanker operators find PTO (Power Take Off) idling useful. When an engine is running during loading or unloading, most telematics systems count this as idling. Our system can separate ‘PTO’ from ‘lazy driver’ idling allowing the true cost and performance of a fleet to be measured.

Mandata helps Waters resolve day-to-day issues

Manpack3 has helped Waters Waste to resolve every-day issues. It has also accelerated processes and simplified reporting. Tom Waters explains: “As Information is centralised in one place, it’s accessible and this has simplified auditing and compliance. We can quickly report our Waste Trail to customers who need to know how far their waste is travelling so they can monitor their carbon footprint.”

“The system has also automated time consuming manual tasks. Being able to print waste transfer notes from Manpack3 has saved time and improved accuracy. eInvoicing has enabled us to cut postage costs and helped to speed-up invoice processing,” says Tom. The system automatically attaches job documentation to invoices and emails them out to customers. Once a fortnightly activity, invoicing is now a daily routine at Waters Waste who’ve found customers pay quicker as a result; debtor days have almost halved from 60 – 90 days to 40 days.

Neal Waters, Managing Director at Waters Waste estimates the software is saving the company £12,000 per year in administration time alone – savings that are being re-invested in the business.

“Our new systems have given us scope to grow. We’ve opened new depots in Doncaster and Milton Keynes and added four new tankers to the fleet since February 2013 with more to come on board soon,” says Neal.

“Manpack3 is enabling staff to use their time far more productively and effectively than previously, freeing them to do other important jobs. It is a major asset to our business; we would struggle to be where we are now without it. We will shortly be implementing PDA’s for drivers which will accelerate the distribution of jobs and we’ll receive signed manifests and be able to invoice more quickly. Paperwork will shortly be a thing of the past.”

Discover the benefits of using Manpack3 and contact us today.

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