03 Apr 2014 / Mandata Telematics brings significant savings to Stennetts

Stennetts Transport

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Having installed the Mandata TMS to streamline planning and vehicle costing processes, Stennett’s invested in Mandata Tracking and Telematics to address ever increasing fuel expenditure to the company and improve driving standards.

After rolling out Mandata driver behaviour software across its fleet, the Bury St. Edmund based bulk haulage and storage specialist, noted an 0.8mpg improvement in fuel usage. This amounted to a total saving of 40,000 gallons of fuel in its first year.

Monitoring fuel expenditure to control costs

With rising fuel and vehicle maintenance costs Stennetts recognised they needed to take a more strategic approach to controlling their costs.

Stennett’s worked closely with Mandata on the project, from early planning and development through to implementation, ensuring the system fitted in line with company requirements.

Not only did Stennetts realise a significant reduction in fuel expenditure, the haulier has continued to benefit from reduced tyre and mainenance costs due to safer driving.

Malcolm Stennett comments:

MPG across our fleet has dramatically improved, resulting in a £202,727 fuel saving which has also had a direct impact on maintenance costs. This has meant that we were not affected by the 33% increase in the price of tyres.

Malcolm continues, “Our drivers have been trained not to miss breaking zones in order to achieve high driver scores. As soon as we had addressed harsh acceleration and deceleration, everything else fell into place and we are noticing savings month on month.

I strongly believe any company that does not invest now in driver monitoring software will simply not survive in the Road Haulage Industry.

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