09 Jun 2015 / Singletons Transport set to re-establish work life balance


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Family owned Singletons Transport have high hopes for the future after adopting a new, cloud-based Mandata TMS system.

The general haulage firm based in Fareham, Hampshire was established in 2000 by Tony and Debbie Singleton. Initially focusing on UK haulage solutions, through hard work and some key business wins, the company has since expanded into the European market and now operates a small fleet of its own state-of-the-art Volvo trucks (all named after cartoon characters), as well as a secondary remote traffic office, and impressively, its own taskforce of rapid response vehicles.

Getting the balance right

At present, the firm is being solely managed through Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and a tonne of manual paperwork. By introducing the Mandata Cloud TMS system, Singletons hope to re-establish a work life balance by automating business processes, digitising their admin work, and essentially gaining some valuable time back to spend away from the office. Debbie Singleton, Transport Manager at the firm said:

“As we are a small company, at the moment, I’m doing all the paperwork on a Saturday, so basically, once the new systems are in place, I’m going to get my weekends back!”

How the Mandata Cloud TMS is going to promote efficiency

The fully integrated Cloud TMS system is set to dramatically improve efficiencies across the business. The introduction of automated job entries for duplicate orders will significantly reduce job planning time, and the Drag and Drop Traffic Pad will provide greater visibility across operations, and allow planners to see jobs progressing in real-time.

The Mandata Cloud TMS will allow users to log into the system remotely via the web from any location. For Singletons, this will provide stronger communication channels between their two offices, and the real-time system updates will ensure that everyone within the business is kept informed of any operational changes as they occur.

“The system for us, with the two logins, one for the Fareham office and one for the Cheshire office will allow us to really see our systems in play; a live-time system, rather than emailing each other to find out which lorry is going where.”

“I’m very technology focused and I like the new things that are becoming available to the industry. By connecting the two offices and streamlining our systems, we will be able to respond to any rising issues or last-minute job amendments in real-time, allowing us to work more efficiently together and increase overall productivity,” Debbie said.

How Singletons found Mandata

When it came down to choosing a company and a system to invest in, Debbie confesses she was thorough with her research.

“I had found Mandata online and decided to call around various local transport operators to find out what they knew about the company and what they thought of the system,” Debbie said.

In order to gain further insight, Debbie and the Singletons team then attended The CV Show at Birmingham’s NEC in April, where she utilised a fool-proof method of trying and testing the various different software on the market, her 11-year-old son, Blue.

“Blue is very technical and loves everything to do with computers, and I always think to myself, if an 11-year-old can get the gist of this, then it really does work.”

“The Mandata TMS is a nice, straightforward system to work with, and it works well. The multi-screen functionality of the traffic pad is really beneficial and will make planning a lot easier.”

Looking to the future

Going forwards, the company hopes that by implementing the Mandata Cloud TMS system, they will be able to free up some valuable working hours which can then be spent looking after other key aspects of the business. One of the firm’s primary focuses once the system has been installed is to develop a marketing strategy to help their business continue to grow.

“At the end of the day we’re a small company and our time is precious. We’re putting a system in place that we hope will release one person’s time so we can focus on putting together some marketing campaigns.”

“We have social media channels and a website in place, but we’re looking into other channels too that might help boost the business further,” Debbie added.

To find out more about Singletons Transport, visit 'www.singletonstransport.co.uk'

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