18 Dec 2014 / Keedwell's realise tangible benefits from TMS upgrade

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Jays Logistics is part of the RT Keedwell Group. There are eleven companies within the Group which operate in excess of 400 vehicles and employ over 450 staff in eleven depots throughout the UK. Jays is also a member of The Pallet Network (TPN), a network of over 100 depots in the UK and Ireland.

We looked for the most appropriate transport management system that would suit our business model. We chose Manpack3 for its flexibility to align closely to our needs and for the way that it efficiently integrated all eleven depots and our pallet network.

We were impressed by the versatility of the system, the backup on offer and Mandata’s ability to provide a complete package.

Jays Transport was reliant on a paper-based system, made up of MS Excel spreadsheets, so implementing a new system was a big undertaking for us.

The system was rolled out depot by depot and Jays led the way. Once we had the system bedded in it was implemented across the rest of the Group.

One of the biggest advantages has been the removal of manual processes and duplication of work. Everyone can see the benefits – with features such as on-line job entry, it means that we don’t have to re-enter information into different systems.

From our customer’s point of view – we’ve simplified systems by providing them with consolidated invoicing. We did a project to see just how much we were saving in print, postage, envelopes and staff time and we were amazed at the extent of the savings. Being able to send electronic invoices has also been a big bonus for us. It’s saving Jays somewhere in the region of £5,000 to £6,000 per annum.

Also we’ve seen our debtor days reduce. Clients actually pay us quicker if they receive an electronic invoice than if we send out a hard copy - we email invoices out together with the POD attached and it just works. We invoice on a weekly basis and not only do clients pay quicker, but the speed of processing the invoicing has also increased.

Another major benefit has been the visibility of work. We can see what’s to be done and what’s being done. Trackers are linked to the system so if a driver enters a delivery point, say in Leeds, the job is marked as being delivered without us having to follow up with the driver. We know where the driver is so we can plan deliveries and collections easily.

We’re a pallet network and by grouping jobs together, we can make the jobs more efficient, and the system makes things easier to plan.

Normal pallet companies are delivering 100 pallets per day, we’re delivering over 200-250 per day, integrated from three networks - all of our jobs are now integrated together on to the one system, which is far simpler.

The system’s also saving us time. We can get inundated with ETA enquiries and before having the Tracking system, we would need to call a driver to see where he was. Now, we can tell what time the delivery is due to arrive without having to ring and ask the driver.

The biggest number of calls in transport are ETA queries and this system has reduced the amount of calls we make dramatically – now we have no need to call drivers as we can see the system ourselves.

We’re a multi-drop company and can have around 16 deliveries on board each vehicle. We can see how the load is routed and using Telematics, we’re able to monitor driver behaviour, monitor miles per gallon etc. We use this system for coaching drivers and we do three monthly reviews that help us to demonstrate the improvements that need to be made.

The main benefit of working with Mandata is that we don’t need to go to anybody else - all the services we need are offered by Mandata. They managed the transition to our new systems carefully and provided excellent support and back-up along the way.


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