10 Mar 2014 / Home Delivery Solutions saves £80,000 a year in insurance premiums

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An advanced tracking and driver behaviour monitoring system from Mandata has proven to save the company tens of thousands of pounds a year in vehicle insurance premiums and fuel costs since being introduced in the spring of 2012.

  • Alongside many haulage companies, HDS has seen the cost of its annual vehicle insurance premiums spiral upwards from £160,000 to £300,000 in the last year.
  • Increasing fuel costs
  • The requirement to hit strict delivery targets
  • Increase in the number of incoming ETA enquiries

Now, following implementation of Mandata tracking and driver behaviour software together with in-cab video surveillance has seen the company’s premiums drop significantly.

Now, following implementation of Mandata tracking and driver behaviour software, together with in-cab video surveillance the company’s premiums have reduced significantly.

  • £80,000+ saved in one year by implementing Mandata driver behaviour and tracking systems
  • Increased MPG's by 2 miles per vehicle within 2 months
  • Improved customer service with clear visibility of KPI’s
  • Faster invoicing process through the implementation of fleet wide in-cab scanning of PODs
  • You can minimise data errors

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