04 Feb 2014 / New computerised system leads to growth

Jentone Freight specialise in Bulk Liquid Iso-tank Containers, Shipping Containers, Bulk Powder Containers, and Swop Body Units

Jentone Freight, Mandata Cloud TMS, Containers, Road Tankers

Jentone Freight specialise in the movement of multimodal equipment, bulk liquid iso-tank containers, shipping and bulk powder containers.

Jenny Hill attributes her company's growth to its new Manpack3 Cloud Transport Management system.

With everything under one umbrella in one system, we've been able to achieve many things that we could never have achieved with the paper-based system we had.

We're now running the business far more efficiently and we've been able to reduce the operational costs of the business. Jenny Hill, Managing Director, Jentone Freight

Prior to implementing Manpack3, managing jobs was time consuming and Jentone were using a manual Traffic Pad system on a spreadsheet - with vehicles and a grid of jobs.

As the team were unable to link traffic to invoicing and extract any vehicle revenue data, it was difficult to know whether each vehicle was profitable.

And, because of the manual systems, there was alot of duplication of work and effort.

Jenny had used a traffic management system in the past but decided to look at other systems that were available and chose Manpack3.

We liked the fact that Mandata could make system updates, provide remote support and complete data backups for us, so we could get on and manage our business worry-free."

Features such as geo-fencing, tracking and driver behaviour are helping to drive business improvements and minimise costs.

Geo-fencing has reduced dumurrage costs and enables Jentone to capture and claim more back from customers.

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