21 Apr 2014 / Brit European adds value to customers with transport management system

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An advanced traffic management system (TMS) is enabling Brit European, to overcome many of the operational issues facing those in the finished vehicle logistics sector.

Meeting customer demands head-on

Meeting the demands of customers while adapting to changing environments and adding value, are paramount for the company as it looks to sustain growth in the coming years.

Key to achieving this has been the integration of Mandata's Advanced Services a web-based customer portal that provides a range of web services including on-line booking. The system is used across most areas of Brit European’s operations.

Bespoke functionality to help simplify processes

To simplify the daily processing of contracts Brit European looked to Mandata.

"Customers contracts used to come to us in different ways. Once we’d received a contract, it could take three people several hours to manually input the data."

The solution lay in tailoring Manpack3 so that the company could be flexible in the way client data was received.

Now, contract information is translated and automatically imported into Manpack3 without any human intervention.

"This saves us a lot of time, the information is more accurate and we are able to deliver more vehicles, more quickly than ever before."

Positive feedback for the system from staff and customers

Since implementing Advanced Services, Brit European has received positive feedback from many of its customers said Andrew Shore.

"Customers like the system as it enables them to control their deliveries and the system has given them complete visibility."

"For JCB, we deliver stock to a holding compound. When they are ready to release vehicles, they can say when and where they want them delivering to. One of our operators sees it on the system and plans the delivery. This is a huge leap forward as using the online system enables them to manage their own deliveries, and as the onus is on the customer to input job details correctly, there are no errors. It’s proving to be a strong differentiator for us."

JCB’s Nick Dutton said:

"The vehicle compound system has streamlined our processes for adding and releasing vehicles for Brit European to deliver. We are able to manage deliveries ourselves online, and see immediately the delivery status of vehicles and the results of vehicle inspections." "This gives us a new level of control and transparency throughout the supply chain. It’s adopting innovative processes such as this that enhances our reputation for unrivalled customer service."

Using Mandata technology has enabled Brit European to re-engineer manual, time consuming processes, which are inherent in the sector, to automate repetitive yet necessary tasks; and in the process, improve customer service, generate business efficiencies, grow market share and boost profits – all without the need for a lot more staff.

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Manpack3 is enabling Brit European to streamline processes resulting in improved vehicle flow and carrier performance, reduced costs, increased transparency and better fleet utilisation.

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