18 Dec 2014 / ETA call volumes reduce by 85% at Breakwells

Breakwells adds Tracking to Mandata TMS

Breakwells Transport, Mandata TMS, Tracking & Driver Behaviour

Breakwells is a family-owned haulage company based in Kidderminster. It delivers high value, fragile goods for companies across the UK, the Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight and Spain.

Breakwells search for a system to withstand the test of time

Fifteen years ago as the millennium was drawing near, uncertainty was growing around the potential impact of the millennium bug. To protect the business and minimise the threat of ‘Y2K’ Breakwells instigated a search for a new transport management system that would stand the test of time.

Mandata’s transport management system Manpack3 was implemented and still continues to deliver value today. More recently, Mandata’s vehicle tracking and PDA manifest and ePOD solution has been added to improve visibility and speed up information returns for the company.

“As a package it works,” says John Burston, partner at Breakwells. “We have an overall picture of what’s going on and as accounts are integrated with traffic, the system shows us everything is happening as it should be – it gives us clear visibility and total control.”

How Mandata adds value to Breakwells customers

Many of its customers are in the retail sector and rely on Breakwells to provide a responsive service. The vehicle tracking solution has made a huge difference to the business which is able to redirect vehicles to key points when it needs to and it is allowing deliveries to be pulled together more quickly.

By logging on to a web portal provided by Mandata Breakwell’s customers can see vehicles and deliveries out on the road and this is giving them confidence.

“The system is a good sales point for us which has played a part in helping us to win new business - customers can see and experience the value it adds,” says John.

And, as customers can view POD’s in real-time on-line this has improved transparency and reduced the number of ETA enquiries the company receives by 85%.

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