03 Feb 2014 / Blaze highlights importance of data backups

Ramage Transport

Ramage Transport Ltd, Mandata TMS, On-line data backup, General Haulage, Warehouse and Distribution

Why have a data recovery strategy?

The purpose of Ramage Transport's data recovery strategy was to protect information essential to the day to day running of the business, such as supplier and customer information, outstanding jobs in progress, stock levels etc. Data backups were taken off-site at the end of each day, tested and errors corrected to maintain validity of the data.

Minimal disruption to operations for Ramage

A serious fire at the company's head office and warehouse could have had serious consequences for Ramage Transport, but Mandata were able to reinstate the systems within a short space of time. This enabled the company to report their stock holding to customers and continue transport operations as normal within two days.

Ensuring business continuity

With a 24 x 7 x 365 operation, business continuity and the ability to recover quickly from any disaster are priorities for any firm.

With Manpack3 central to operations, Ramage Transport knew it was vital that the transport management system could be restored to minimise disruption, should a disaster occur.

When computer hardware systems were lost due to a fire at its Head Office and Distribution Centre, Operations Director Robin Ramage turned to the Mandata team to help reinstate their systems.

Within a day, Mandata’s team had restored the most recent data backup to a replacement server and provided a network of PC’s to ensure operations could continue as normal.

With the TMS as up-to-date as possible, stock could be assessed for damage, enabling Ramage’s customers to make provision for any loss.

Come Monday morning, Ramage had full visibility of what jobs were on the system and vehicles were turned around and out the door as usual without any loss or deterioration of service.

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