20 Apr 2016 / Bartrum's capitalise on Mandata / Freeway Workshop integration

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Suffolk-based warehouse and distribution company, The Bartrum Group, is already seeing the benefits of the Freeway workshop management system and its ability to fully integrate with the company’s Mandata TMS. The integrated solution provides visibility into the availability and status of every vehicle in the fleet, as well as spare parts in stock.

Seamless integration

The Freeway-Mandata TMS link provides Bartrum with a comprehensive tool for fleet and workshop management, including scheduled maintenance and cost control. This helps to ensure each vehicle remains in first-rate condition and improves the overall efficiency of the fleet.

The integrated solution also enables back-tracking to trace anything in the system, which, for Chief Engineer David Bumfrey, is one of Freeway’s major benefits. “Whether it’s a vehicle or just a spare part, we can track it back to its origin and view its entire history,” he said. “We can also see exactly what each vehicle has cost us over the years.”

Freeway’s “traffic light system” shows at a glance the status of every vehicle, whether it is available, due for routine maintenance, requires repairs or is unusable. This makes the allocation of vehicles easier and also simplifies the planning and scheduling of maintenance works.

Automating manual processes

Freeway is currently installing another feature – the ability to generate invoices from job cards and automatically update Bartum’s Sage accounts software. This will eliminate time consuming manual data entry and streamline the administration process when third party vehicles are booked into the workshop.

The family-owned Bartrum Group can trace its roots back to 1929, when its only vehicle was used to transport local farm produce to London markets. The company now provides warehousing services for both domestic and international customers, and operates a fleet of 171 vehicles to distribute customers’ goods throughout the UK. These vehicles are maintained in the company’s own six-bay workshop.

About Freeway Fleet Systems

Freeway has a 20 year track record in the development of fleet management systems with a customer base extending from London to Singapore and Johannesburg. The company's solutions for managing the workshop have won acclaim with operators across a diversity of sectors. Users range from some on London's biggest bus operators and major UK infrastructure contractors, to family-run haulage firms and local councils. Freeway integrates the full range of workshop functions such as routine maintenance, fuel management, stock control, invoicing and defect recording, with advanced analytics - all backed with the latest online and mobile technology.

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Mandata provides solid foundations for growth

When the Bartrum Group looked for a supplier that was ahead of the times, they chose Mandata and its range of solutions to provide a rock solid foundation on which to build its future growth and profitability.

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