03 Mar 2014 / Staff training delivers business improvements

Training pays off for Cumbria Logistics

Cumbria Logistics, Mandata TMS, Training, Pallet Carriers

Investment in staff training that has enabled Cumbria Logistics to realise improvements in productivity and profitability.

Whilst centralising its systems into one Manpack3 application has made a significant difference to the way Cumbria Logistics operates, Office Manager Nicky Harris believes it’s the company’s investment in staff training that has enabled it to realise improvements in productivity and profitability.

Centralised information helps simplify back-office processes

When they were operating two separate systems, matching information between the two was a difficult and long drawn out process.

Mandata developed a tailored training programme for the company to ensure staff had a good understanding of the systems for their roles.

“Centralising information within Manpack3 has simplified our back-office systems and made processes, such as invoicing, far simpler and quicker. But to get the most from the new system, we recognised that we needed to invest in training for our operators.”

It was only a few weeks into its training programme when Cumbria Logistics started to realise significant improvements in productivity. They identified ways they could reduce costs, and Nicky attributes this to their staff having a good understanding of the system.

“Without formal training, I’m sure we wouldn’t have been able to realise the true benefits of Manpack3. Having one to one training by Mandata has enabled us to adopt better ways of working and ensured that we all understand the system and what it can do for our business.”

“We’ve been able to implement cost analysis of our pallet network, and with transparency of each element of the pallet distribution process we have been able to simplify the pricing of jobs."

With access to detailed, accurate and up-to-date information, Cumbria Logistics is extracting further value from its palletised distribution operations which already work to extremely tight margins.

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