20 Nov 2013 / Transport management system drives greater operational benefits for Brit European

Brit European

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One of the UK's leading suppliers of logistics services to the automotive industry is using Mandata's Manpack3 transport management system to achieve competitive advantage.

Brit European supplies a range of services including specialist drivers, volume vehicle processing, transportation of bulk liquid chemicals and materials handling equipment. It also operates in the car and vehicle management and supply sector – its biggest market is the delivery of commercial vehicles to dealerships on behalf of manufacturers.

At the heart of its philosophy lies a commitment to putting customers first, moving to meet the demands of constantly changing environments and aiming to deliver high levels of service and added value solutions.

Brit European invests in Mandata to stay ahead of competition

In 2001, the company saw the value of investing in a state-of-the-art Manpack3 traffic management system (TMS) in a move to stay ahead of its competitors and meet its strong commitment to its many UK and European customers.

Since then, Brit European has become a by-word for service and excellence in a highly competitive industry - and has continually updated its TMS with the latest features and enhancements to drive down costs, operate more efficiently and enhance its service offering.

An integrated solution that delivers results

The company has integrated PDA manifests, electronic invoicing, Advanced Services web booking, Workshop management and PDA vehicle inspection features with its Manpack3 system as it’s looked to stay ahead with leaner and smarter logistical management technology.

Using Mandata technology has enabled Brit European to re-engineer its manual, time consuming processes and automate repetitive yet necessary tasks; in the process improving customer service, generating business efficiencies, growing market share and boosting profits - all without the need for a lot more staff. Andrew Shore, IT Administrator

The integration of a Workshop module in 2012 to streamline vehicle maintenance and improve transparency is already proving fruitful as they can see what vehicles are costing.

Drivers undertake daily vehicle inspections and record the results and images via a PDA which are then saved to Manpack3. Alerts are then sent to the workshop if repairs need to be undertaken and traffic planners can see when the work needs completion so they can schedule operations accordingly. This has led to improvements in maintenance scheduling and reduced vehicle off road (VOR) incidents, providing further benefits as the company’s able to optimise its vehicle use.

This gives us real-time feedback from the drivers and automatically updates our traffic system so we know if there’s an issue with a vehicle. Planners are also aware of scheduled maintenance and if the vehicle isn’t available so they can plan effectively.

Manpack3 is having a huge impact at Brit European, transforming the way it operates and adding real value across many areas of the business and customer service.

  • VOR Reduced and maintenance scheduling improved by integrating Workshop Management
  • 20 Hours a week saved as Manpack3 automatically calculates expenses
  • Every expense accounted for as the system automatically adds costs to each job
  • System gives Brit European customers control and visibility to manage their own deliveries
  • Seamless integration with customer systems simplifies data transfer and saves time

Graham Lackey, managing director, offers the final verdict:

“With a strong focus on customer service, we’re using integrated systems to improve performance, communication and efficiency. Mandata has helped to transform our clients business as well as our own.”

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Manpack3 is having a huge impact at Brit European, transforming the way it operates and adding real value across many areas of the business and customer service.

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