Go paperless with mobile ePOD solutions from Mandata.
Instant updates keep you informed and reduce duplication.

Mobile electronic proof of delivery software for hauliers who need information today, not tomorrow

Plan and Schedule Jobs

Once you’ve planned work or make updates, Mandata transport management systems send jobs straight out to driver’s mobile.

Easier than paperwork

Drivers can get on with the job, without worrying about paperwork. Drivers take photo’s of signed delivery notes or capture signatures using their mobile Manifest app.


Safer. Contact-free

Drivers can sign the app, to minimise contact and ensure safe social distancing.


Speed up invoicing

Get on and produce your invoices and email them out from Mandata with electronic PODs to your customers.

Stay in touch

Instant messaging on their mobile makes it easier for you to keep in touch with drivers.


More apps available

There’s a range of apps for your driver’s mobile. Vehicle Checks, Team Admin for Expenses, Holidays and Timesheets on the go.

“Our android Manifest App is not only easier to use but takes some of the pressure off drivers. Once they have that signature and it’s automatically fed into our TMS system, they can get on to the next job and not need to worry about gathering up bundles of paperwork for the accounts department.

Nowadays we send all invoices on Monday and Tuesday of each week, based on the previous week’s deliveries. Certainly not possible, the way we were doing it before.”

Matthew Tanfield, Operations Manager, Universal Tankers


Our customers

Whites Recycling Waste Transport Operator using Mandata TMS
Halcyon Tankers Chemical Distribution use Mandata Transport Management Software
Freighroute Pallet Network Carriers
Shepherd Distribution in Sheffield are Palletline Members using Mandata
Woodland Logistics Group
Elddis Transport
Gregory Distribution Palletline member use Mandata TMS
Mcculla Transport in Northern Ireland

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    Our experts are here to help you.

    Technology has never been more important to hauliers than it is right now. Our systems give  operators the tools they need to make changes easily on the fly, wherever and whenever they need.
    The way they join up make it so much simpler to manage multiple elements of an operator’s business with one system. They can use our technology to streamline their operations, to secure cost savings and other benefits.

    northern ireland, ireland and scotland

    James Stafford, Regional Sales Manager, Mandata

    Mandata solutions can make a significant difference to hauliers; reducing manual processes, helping them avoid repetitive tasks and manual work-flow, to become more profitable businesses.

    I’m working with a number of transport companies looking to improve their businesses by transforming their manual processes with our technology.

    James Stafford
    North of england

    I worked for many years within my family’s road transport business, Freightroute, and so I understand the pressures hauliers are under to manage all aspects of their business.

    I can help by reviewing your processes, and finding technology solutions to simplify your day-to-day tasks whilst giving you greater control and visibility of your operation.

    Richard Bird
    south of england

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