Go mobile and paperless with
electronic proof of delivery

Have peace of mind and protect your revenue with ePODs, say goodbye to paper trails and lost delivery notes with the help of our integrated ePOD solution.

Make life simpler and safer for drivers with contactless proof of delivery. Speed up POD returns and invoicing.

Send work to your driver’s mobile, receive load progress updates and instant PODs. Reducing your paperwork, costs and time spent on admin.

Real-time updates

Once you’ve planned work or made changes to your plan, Mandata instantly updates the driver’s Manifest app.

Seamless integration

Manifest app integrates with Mandata transport management solutions for real-time updates.

Safe and contactless

Proof of delivery is updated in Mandata as jobs are complete. No duplication and no re-work. 

Improved visibility

There’s no need to call drivers. You’ll see instant updates including non-conformance in your TMS as deliveries are made.

Driver messaging

Traffic planners can stay in touch with individual drivers or your whole driver workforce using instant messaging.

Less duplication

Produce your invoices with the click of a button and email them out from Mandata with electronic PODs already attached for your customers.

From delivery to ePOD - invoice in 3 simple steps

Delivery to invoice in 3 easy steps thanks to Mandata Transport Management Software

Eliminate duplication, paperwork and time-consuming admin.

  • Ensure all of your proof of delivery documentation is sent through the Manifest app ready for invoicing.
  • The recipient’s name or signature will be automatically transposed onto the electronic delivery note. 
  • The job is now ready to be invoiced, the electronic delivery note and electronic proof of delivery is ready to be  emailed to the customer with a click of a button.
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Universal Tanker Solutions Waste Operators

“Our Manifest App is not only easier to use but takes some of the pressure off drivers. Once they have that signature and it’s automatically fed into our TMS system, they can get on to the next job and not need to worry about gathering up bundles of paperwork for the accounts department.

Nowadays we send all invoices on Monday and Tuesday of each week, based on the previous week’s deliveries. Certainly not possible, the way we were doing it before.”

Matthew Tanfield, Operations Manager
Universal Tankers



Some of our customers

Whites Recycling Waste Transport Operator using Mandata TMS
Halcyon Tankers Chemical Distribution use Mandata Transport Management Software
Freighroute Pallet Network Carriers
Shepherd Distribution in Sheffield are Palletline Members using Mandata
Woodland Logistics Group
Elddis Transport
Gregory Distribution Palletline member use Mandata TMS
Mcculla Transport in Northern Ireland

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