Cost savings are adding up for Aberdeen haulier ARR Craib after turning to Mandata and its Manpack3 transport management system.

Aberdeen-based ARR Craib Transport Limited, founded in 1983, is one of the largest fleet haulage firms in Scotland with a turnover in excess of £40million. It operates more than 200 vehicles and 500 trailers and employs 360 staff.

ARR Craib first introduced Mandata’s transport management technology over ten years ago. The directors recognised they needed to improve efficiencies and control costs if the company was to remain competitive, whilst still providing a high standard of service for its customers who included among others, world-renowned food manufacturers Baxters Food Group and Walkers Shortbread.

The Mandata Manpack3 system has since evolved to integrate process efficient modules including digital signature capture, online track and trace, online POD retrieval, email invoicing, vehicle telematics and driver behaviour modules which in the eyes of group financial officer John Bain, are helping the company to meet the dual challenge of controlling costs and improved reporting.

As all the various elements of the system work seamlessly together, the company is able to stay in control of processes from beginning to end, enabling staff to share information and giving the right staff the right information they need to do their jobs effectively.

John Bain says the Mandata TMS plays a vital role in helping the company to process information accurately and bill quickly enabling it to manage its cash-to-cash cycle.

“Good financial housekeeping depends on controlling your costs, good customers, appropriate resources and an effective risk management strategy. We are certainly seeing a strong return on our investment in Manpack3 through company-wide cost savings.”


In response to a recent Palletline system upgrade, Mandata has completed an upgrade to ARR Craib’s Manpack3 system to enable the automatic matching of sub-contractor invoices. And it’s bespoke developments such as the synchronisation of the two systems which are enabling ARR Craib to manage highly complex processes – ensuring the company can continue to improve efficiency and stay in control of costs.

“The recent upgrade is of great benefit to us as it ensures every job is being accounted for and invoiced. It vastly reduces the amount of manual work we have to do,” said John.


Operationally, Mandata’s expertise in vehicle tracking and driver behaviour technology is also helping ARR Craib to reduce fuel costs, raise driving standards and minimise the environmental impact of the company’s vehicle fleet. The company has implemented a driver performance programme to ensure its drivers take a responsible approach when at the wheel of their vehicles – an initiative that’s reaped environmental success for the company with a Green Award at the recent Northern Star Business Awards.

Group Commercial Director Mike Simpson has been impressed by the advantages Mandata’s systems bring.

“Improved driver performance is definitely reducing fuel consumption and delivering efficiencies as well as helping to reduce our carbon footprint, which is very important, but the Manpack3 system is also improving our safety record. We can monitor driver performance on an individual basis, making specific improvements where necessary.

“The integrated Driver Behaviour module allows us to track things like harsh acceleration and braking which are not consistent with safe driving. Using the data, we can address specifics to improve driving standards – our Driver Training Officer will meet with underperforming drivers to identify ways of addressing the problems.

“Analysis of the data has also revealed the seasonal nature of fuel efficiency which is better in the summer than in the winter months. This information helps us to understand the reason for cost increases – we encourage drivers to perform at their best by taking into account seasonal variations when out on deliveries.”

Mike Simpson also highlights the benefits of Mandata’s live tracking capability which aids logistical planning and improved vehicle utilisation.
“Rather than rely on the driver to tell us where he is we can see for ourselves. Looking at information such as when the driver started his working day and his exact location means we can effectively plan vehicle deployment throughout the day.”

Looking to the future, ARR Craib has plans to use Mandata TMS to its further advantage says Mike Simpson.“Geo-fencing is an area that we’ll be developing in the next few months because of the benefits to improved resource planning,” he says.