Drivers at haulage firm Millett-Kirkham are seeing the benefits of its new investment in cloud transport management technology.  

The Tipton-based specialist operates a small fleet of HGV’s delivering access machinery, diggers and other plant hire equipment to customers throughout the UK.

The haulage company integrated the transport management software from Mandata called TMS Go! earlier in 2018, enabling business owners to drive improvements in its transport operation and achieve further efficiencies.

Job visibility and  a simpler way of working

The five-strong driver team is seeing significant improvements in job visibility and its simple to capture proof of delivery without paperwork, thanks to the technology’s deployment.

The directors of Millet-Kirkham are also benefiting from easier planning and faster job pricing.  Detailed rate schedules make it easier to create new and standard jobs.

The easy-to-use, ‘out-of-the-box’ cloud delivery planning technology enables operators to simplify all their back-office procedures from ‘order-to-invoice’  via cost-effective paperless technology.

Up to 10 deliveries per day planned each day

Co-owner and director Amy Millett-Kirkham Shaw says she processes around 10 delivery jobs a day through the system. Drivers access the technology via smartphones and see their daily work schedules at a glance.  They are also kept informed of any late changes to planned drops, and can take photo’s of paperwork such as delivery notes. These are filed automatically behind the job in their TMS Go! system.

She and her team in the traffic office also receive instant PODs thanks to a live feed along with automated changes in job status as drivers complete their jobs throughout the day.

Quick and easy to set-up, TMS Go! is particularly advantageous for operators looking to migrate from paper-based processes to a more sophisticated computerised transport management system.

Drag and Drop traffic pad makes planning quick and easy

The technology incorporates an intuitive dashboard-style drag-and-drop traffic pad. This has improved job planning and scheduling, and enabling Millett-Kirkham to plan workloads and make changes easily.

Amy added: “TMS Go! is an effective tool for our business. We are constantly looking for smarter, more effective ways to reduce costs.  Delivering the highest levels of customer service is a key priority for us. By streamlining and automating daily processes with TMS Go! we’ll be able to make ongoing improvements as we grow.

“It’s definitely providing us with increased flexibility. TMS Go! enables our planners, in particular, to see what’s happening across the business on a daily basis.  This helps us to be far more responsive, driving up quality standards in the process. It’s helping our business to adapt and grow in a very fluid and competitive industry sector.”

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