Cross Country Carriers employ 65 people and run a 40-strong fleet of vehicles. The company has utilised transport management software from Mandata for a number of years, as it has expanded its road haulage operations from its Bury St Edmund’s head quarters.

In a move to provide data to support its FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) certification – a voluntary scheme encompassing all aspects of safety, fuel efficiency, vehicle emissions and improved operations – the haulage operator has introduced Mandata TMS Tracking and driver behaviour to simplify compliance and reduce its environmental footprint.

Simplifying the collation of FORS data

The investment comes as road haulage operators are under increasing pressure to reduce their environmental impact.

Mandata simplifies the process of gathering, storing and reporting on business performance. Helping the haulier Cross Country Carriers to meet its environmental and security obligations.  As a result the company is able to easily compile the data it needs for FORS.

Ben Smith, general manager at Cross Country Carriers explains:

“Securing and maintaining the FORS accreditation is critical to our business.  Consequently, we need to be able to measure and monitor vehicle and driver performance, altering our operations accordingly in line with industry best practice.

“Compliance and governance, and our continued focus on reducing our environmental impact, are critical drivers. Making the investment in Mandata TMS now, is improving access to information that will help us make important, on-going improvements.”

Mandata provides evidence of environmental impact

“As well as providing peace-of-mind, Mandata will help us meet our obligation to provide fleet emission reports as a FORS member. Evidence of  CO2 emissions and fleet performance illustrate how we are reducing our environmental impact,” said Ben.

“We have greater visibility of vehicle performance. KPI’s such as how long a vehicle has been stationary, or where it is at any time. This enables us to make quick, informed decisions that can improve our operational performance.”

Helping to make Customer Service Improvements

Road transport operators are continually searching for new ways to add value to customers in a tough and competitive industry sector.  Cross Country Carriers is no different.

“We continually look to add value to our customers. Access to real-time data such as fuel usage, fuel economy and vehicle wear-and-tear will enable us to reduce fuel and maintenance costs further, producing savings that we can then pass on to customers.”

Ultra Low Emission Zones

The roll out of Ultra Low Emission Zones (LEZs) to curb the impact of polluting vehicles, also figures highly in Cross Country Carriers’ operational plans for 2019.

Ben Smith said: “The Government is examining how to reduce the impact of vehicle emissions in our cities. We are fully committed to minimising our own impact and have set up geo-fences in our Mandata software, so we can see when our fleet enters these zones.”

Vehicle Security

While vehicle security is of paramount importance, transport operators such as Cross Country Carriers are increasingly aware of threats posed by terrorism. “Fuel theft and terrorism are real and present threats,” said Ben Smith, “As responsible operators we need to be aware of the issues and take the appropriate measures to ensure maximum security and safety.

“Adopting the latest tracking and driver behaviour technology from Mandata will undoubtedly play an important part in helping us to achieve enhanced levels of security across our front-line vehicle operations. We will be able to better analyse key aspects of the business, using the technology’s features to drill down into everything. This has to improve security.”

Ben Smith believes Mandata will play an increasingly important role in his business.  “In our drive to achieve efficiencies, better control and an all important cutting edge, we will continue to rely on Mandata.”

Mandata is a UK leader in the provision of integrated transport planning and logistics software for companies operating in all sectors of the road transport industry. Its software automates and simplifies complex processes and enables operators to plan, manage, monitor and invoice work with one centralised system.

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